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SP-825, Road No.14 Vishwakarma Industrial Area, Jaipur 302013 (Rajasthan)
Tel.No. 0141 2331771/2,
Fax: 0141 2330810
CIN NO. L28101RJ1980PLC002140

Completely automatic LPG bottling plant, designed and approved as per OISD 169 standards of the Govt. of India, having a capacity to bottle 3000 cylinders per day.

The facility consists of:
  • Completely on-line conveyorised operation from unloading empty cylinders on conveyor to loading of filled cylinders in trucks for dispatch.
  • Computerized automatic electronic filling stations with on-line electronic check scales, correction scales.
  • On-line dip testing, leak detection tanks for 100% testing of filled cylinders.
  • Static storage 100 MT and mobile storage of 200 MT of LP Gas.
  • Electronic weighbridge 60 MT capacity.