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SP-825, Road No.14 Vishwakarma Industrial Area, Jaipur 302013 (Rajasthan)
Tel.No. 0141 2331771/2,
Fax: 0141 2330810
CIN NO. L28101RJ1980PLC002140

LPG Cylinder Unit has a capacity to manufacture 2400 cylinders per day per 8 hour shift with most modern and sophisticated manufacturing unit.

Some of the salient features of facility are;

  • Completely automatic de-coiling plant enabling manufacturing of cylinders from LPG Coils.
  • Deep Draw operation carried without use of any lubricant by special polymer process developed by the company.
  • Facility to carry out all welding on main body of the cylinder including valve pad, circumferential arc and attachments of valve protection collar and bottom ring by both submerged arc process as well as synergetic MIG welding process.
  • Stress relieving/normalizing furnace more than 14 meters long, conveyorised, capable of achieving temperature of 950 C.
  • Complete automatic Hydrostatic Testing with automatic filling and decanting of water with suiwelling/turning arrangement.
  • Conveyorised surface finishing including airless shot blasting and zinc spraying.
  • Conveyorised painting shop with overhead conveyor of 300 meters, primer baking oven and paint baking oven with temperature up to 150 C, capable of finishing with air drying enamel, stowing enamel and powder coated as per customer requirement.
  • Assembly line operation on floor chain conveyor for all finishing stages including internal cleaning, stamping/marking/screen printing, tare weight, valve fixing and inline dip testing facility for pneumatic testing.
  • Covered cylinder storage yard with conveyorised arrangement for loading of cylinders in trucks/containers.
  • Capacity to manufacture LPG cylinders from 2kg to 50kg including camping cylinder, domestic cylinders and industrial cylinders and 2 piece/3piece construction.
  • Cylinders manufactured as per standards of BIS, ISO, DOT(A) and other international standards as per customer requirement.