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SP-825, Road No.14 Vishwakarma Industrial Area, Jaipur 302013 (Rajasthan)
Tel.No. 0141 2331771/2,
Fax: 0141 2330810
CIN NO. L28101RJ1980PLC002140

LPG Valve unit was established in 1999 with an installed capacity of 5000 valves per day. From the year 2009 with the increase in demand of cylinders by PSU, the company started expanding its capacity by adding the ultra modern CNC double head machine. Today the unit produces 13,000 valves per day.

The valve manufacturing facility is equipped with:

  • Forging presses of 100 Ton, 150 Ton and 200 Ton capacities for forging of valve bodies of all design.
  • Single/Multi Spindle 8 Station Indexing Automats for machining of the valve bodies.
  • All valve threading done by German Wagner of HOLM die heads and chasing tools.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning facility to ensure dust proof production.
  • Chromatization, electro-plating, galvanizing facilities to give the necessary finish as per customer requirement.
  • Assembly and testing by hydro-pneumatic fixtures and presses.
  • CNC Double Head Machines .